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BDS is a divisive campaign that demonizes Israel and spreads antisemitism.

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If we want peace, we should stand against this antisemitic BDS resolution.

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URGENT: Oppose Burlington’s antisemitic resolution

On Monday, September 13th, Burlington’s City Council will vote on a resolution to condemn, boycott, divest, and sanction the State of Israel.

The resolution demands that Israel - and only Israel - be sanctioned by the Vermont Legislature and the federal government. It has been understandably met with sharp criticism from Vermont’s Jewish community.

Whenever resolutions like this are debated in city councils or on college campuses, antisemitism inevitably follows. Several community leaders have expressed concern over its effect on Jewish life in Vermont, given the recent rise in antisemitism and violent attacks targeting Jews across the country.

Tell the Burlington City Council to find better things to do than waste their time condemning the only free and democratic country in the Middle East.